The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund is dedicated to providing breast cancer patients with the short-term financial support they need to focus, simply and solely, on fighting their disease.

There is a lack of awareness about the unexpected costs associated with a breast cancer diagnosis and for many patients who were already struggling to make ends meet before they were diagnosed, the economic impact of their diagnosis can be devastating.

Many Canadians do not have private insurance coverage for short or long term disability through their workplace. If employment has been interrupted for a period of time before diagnosis, (such as maternity leave, full-time enrollment is school or a retraining program, unemployment), patients are not eligible for government assistance (Federal sick benefits provide 15 weeks regardless of the length of time in treatment; which for some patients can take up to a year). Many patients do not have the financial security to endure many months of lost wages.

Most of the breast cancer patients we support are already having a difficult time making ends meet and the extra burden of being diagnosed with beast cancer often leaves them exhausted, overwhelmed and struggling to cover the cost of their basic necessities. Indeed, many of the patients have an extremely low income, with a significant number are living at or below the poverty line.

Approximately seventy percent of our support helps to over the cost of food and shelter. We also reimburse patients for medications, prosthetics, hospital parking, childcare, various treatments and restorative therapies.

The patients receiving our support are married, divorced, single, widowed; working women, young mothers, students, the unemployed, the self-employed; men and women living alone and without benefit of extended family to rely on for support; women in the earliest stage of breast cancer and those living with metastatic breast cancer.

We are all hoping for a world where breast cancer doesn’t exist, but right now, our goal is to build a ‘community of support’ that enables CBCSF to provide breast cancer patients with the short-term financial support they need to focus on fighting their disease.

We are grateful that the Bras Family Foundation has become a generous partner in helping us improve the lives of breast cancer patients.

Donna Sheehan
Founder and Executive Director


When people talk about breast cancer, they talk about hope. They talk about pain and suffering, treatments and medications. They talk about loss of hair and their surgeries and scars. But they don't talk about money. People don't talk about the cost of breast cancer. About how your benefits will run out before your cancer is gone. How breast cancer patients struggle, not to survive, but to afford to survive. People don't talk about that. But we do.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund provides the financial support needed to help breast cancer patients fight this devastating disease.

And we couldn't do it without the generous support of the Bras Family Foundation.

With your gift to us this year we were able to help the following breast cancer patients:

Emma, aged 29 and a single mother of two young children, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was on maternity leave. The social worker who signed Emma's application wrote us a letter on her behalf, describing Emma as a wonderful young mother who has been struggling financially as she supports herself and her two children on a very low income. Emma received $2,000 in financial assistance

Tara, aged 42 is the mother of a 3 year old. The family has endured a number of financial hardships that has left them struggling financially for the past few years and still find it difficult to cover the costs of basic necessities. We provided $2,000 in financial assistance to Tara.

Jessica, a 33 yr old mother of a two children under 5, was diagnosed in 2011 and then diagnosed with breast cancer that metastasized to her brain. Her husband has served as caregiver for Jessica and their young children and has struggled with employment in the past couple of years. We provided $2,000 in financial assistance to Juliann.

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