Bras Family Foundation


Bras Family Foundation

The Bras Family Foundation is dedicated to creating a more humanitarian environment for cancer patients. The Foundation has a particular interest in supporting services for cancer patients and in complementing the work of the BRAS Drug Development Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto. The Foundation also supports selected projects in the arts and in the area of abused women and children.

The Bras Family Foundation is proactive in its granting. We will not accept any unsolicited proposals.

For example: Against the Grain Theatre, which fit The Bras Family Foundation’s mandate in our support of the arts. This young group of operatic visionary’s with a ton of energy, united in December 2010 under the leadership of Founder and Artistic Director, Joel Ivany. Their goal was to reinvigorate the art form by presenting classical repertoire in unconventional spaces and innovative ways. They have received rave reviews and are “one of the most exciting companies in the country” – The Charlebois. I urge you to visit their website.

The Redwood Shelter

In addition to supporting new charities, we support charities which have been in existence for many years, where every dollar donated has an impact, which can be seen and felt by our foundation’s granting. The Redwood Shelter under the leadership of Abi Ajibolade is such a charity. We feel humbled by the work this institution has managed to do on a very tight budget. We know every dollar we grant to them, is greatly appreciated. The Bras Family Foundation specifically supports The Redwood’s Shelter’s “Women on the Move Leadership Program” which offers a unique opportunity for women who self-identify as having experienced violence, to participate in a twelve-month leadership program. This program is designed to support the development of leadership skills by building up the confidence, self-esteem of participants through community engagement. The constant feedback we receive from The Redwood bolsters our commitment of support.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund

The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund is a relatively new charity, which is dedicated to providing breast cancer patients with short-term financial support in order to focus on fighting their disease. Donna Sheehan, the Founder and Executive Director, is passionate about building a ‘community of support’. The Bras Family Foundation’s support of the CBCSF fits well into our mission statement of supporting services for cancer patients, and in complementing the work of the BRAS Drug Development Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto. We feel good about the work that Donna and her team have accomplished to date, and know by the feedback we receive, that every dollar donated has made a difference.

The Children’s Wish Foundation

The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, Ontario Chapter is our most recent addition and another charity where The Bras Family Foundation’s donation can be seen and felt by our granting. The Children’s Wish Foundation grants the most heartfelt wish to Canadian children between 3 and 17 years of age who are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Children’s Wish grants over 1,000 wishes a year across Canada, including 270 in Ontario this past fiscal. That’s three new wishes every day! Children’s Wish is committed to never denying an eligible child the opportunity to fulfill their wish. The Bras Family Foundation are excited about our new friendship with Children’s Wish, where every wish has a positive impact on emotions of children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Please visit their website – www.childrenswish.ca.

Our foundation’s granting has made a difference in people’s lives. With this knowledge comes a renewed desire to give back to our community.

We, the directors of The Bras Family Foundation challenge you to jump on board the giving wagon. Why? Because it feels so darn good to give back!

“Give a little, change a lot.”

Maggie Bras, Founder, Executive Director
Leah Lambrakis Bras, Director
Rev. Paul Ivany, Director
Savannah Snyder, Director
Darien Bras, Director