Cottage Dreams is all about celebrating survival! It’s about celebrating surviving cancer. It’s about recovery. It’s about recovery in a wonderful setting with your family. It is about you and me and all those who are affected by cancer. It’s about taking a break from the cancer setting. It’s about taking a break from the routine of illness with your family and heading to the cottage. Not just any cottage. No, it is to a cottage that has been donated for one week through Cottage Dreams to a family of a cancer survivor or survivors! Get a load of this. You are a recovering from the horrors of cancer, and someone out there in cottage land wishes to give you their cottage for one whole week to celebrate a renewal of life with your family! How cool is that. And Cottage Dreams can make this dream come true!

Seana O’Neill made this dream happen. She had a thought and then a dream and then took that dream and made it reality. With her hard work and passion she has now given over 240 families a week to remember at a donor’s cottage.

The Bras Family Foundation has been able to sponsor 10 families this summer with our grant to Cottage Dreams. Because of our donation, 60 people will get away to a cottage and in doing so we are making a difference in their lives. We believe in Cottage Dreams and that is why The Bras Family Foundation has supported Cottage Dreams for two years running.

Please go to this live link to learn more about Seana O’Neill and Cottage Dreams –

Cottage Dreams Cancer Recovery Initiative’s website is:, and their phone number is: 705-457.9100 or 416.763.2009.

You too can help support Cottage Dreams and with your help those recovering from cancer will experience a week out of their year that they would otherwise not experience.

Maggie Bras

Cottage Dreams
Cancer Recovery Initiative

705-457.9100 or 416.763.2009