The Camp Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre’s mission is to reach children with cancer by providing them and their families with fun and enriching recreational opportunities. Camp Trillium achieves this by providing outstanding year-round camp and recreational experiences to promote the healing process in a safe family-inclusive environment.

Camp Trillium has year round programs which also include ‘Day Camp’ and this is what The Bras Family Foundation has directed their grant to for the year, along with the Paloma Foundation and General Motors of Canada. These grants meant that Camp Trillium was able to run their Day Camp program for 4 to 7 year olds in Ontario.

Day Camp is the gateway to camp. It is where children are introduced to Camp Trillium, their staff and volunteers. They learn camp songs and games, join theme days and have an opportunity to participate in an overnight. Day Camp is geared towards paving the way to participation in residential camps. This year the campers swam everyday which is the highlight for any child, played games, had theme days and did arts and crafts; things that children would do if they were able to go to any day camp. There is one exception for Camp Trillium….the watchful gaze of a camp nurse to make sure that every child has a great week.

There were many highlights in this summer’s Day Camp. Pirate Day saw Tyler who is 7 and has retinoblastoma, decorate his eye patch. Samantha who is 4 befriended Imad who is 7 and has cancer, down syndrome and doesn’t speak. She held his hand all of the time and said to her counsellor, “I understand Imad – he’s speaking French to me!”

Special moments make camp memorable for the children and the counsellors. The Bras Family Foundation helped to make this possible.

Maggie Bras

Camp Trillium and Camp Ooch