The Bras Family Foundation is a proud donor to The Redwood shelter and specifically proud donors to the Women on the Move Leadership Program.

“For a period of one year, Women on the Move (WOTM) participants explore their understanding of themselves, their experiences of trauma and abuse, and their goals for their futures.  Guided by the principles of education and understanding, compassion, and healing, the program serves as a resource for women as they reconnect with themselves and the community after abuse.  WOTM is grateful to be a part of this remarkable process, bearing witness to the pains, joys, struggles and growth of its many participants.

It is inspired by the courage of women to overcome abuse, and the passion of staff to support this process of healing.  The program has grown out of a community resolved to see an end to gender-based violence.

A fountain of hope and possibility, the program is a culmination of the efforts and energy of its many participants.  It exists because of the resilience, strength and determination of women, donors, and staff.

The positive effects of the program have deep and far-reaching impacts.  From the women who become advocates and leaders in their communities; to their children wo thrive in happy homes in which their mothers are treated with care and respect; to the community whose resolve is only strengthened by the affirmation that there is much hope for a brighter future – The Redwood is so grateful to The Bras Family Foundation for making this invaluable program available within our community.”

Abi Ajibolade, Executive Director

Women On The Move Leadership Program

Trauma from abuse is often tightly interlaced with women’s negative self-concept and feelings of fear, isolation, and self-doubt.  WOTM is a place for women to begin the healing journey.  Program coordinators, facilitators, and counsellors, strive to build a supportive and trusting environment where women can grow, share, and thrive.

The women are supported in their exploration of career options, job searches, and entrepreneurial goals, financial literacy and in setting education and employment goals – using self surveys and career assessments to encourage self-reflection, awareness and understanding.

The Redwood and the WOTM program foster the development of women as leaders and educators, supporting women to gain confidence in the expression of their voices, opinions, and perspectives.  Providing opportunities for women to apply what they have learned through WOTM, The Redwood sees facilitating community workshops, speaking about their experience to audiences at community events, and developing and facilitating topic-specific workshop for participants.

WOTM is a place of community, connection, respect, and growth – all of which are aspects of a woman’s life and self, which can be severely undermined by abuse.

Maggie Bras – President, The Bras Family Foundation

Women’s Stories

  • Karen’s Story

  • Ritsuko’s Story

  • Maria Consuelo’s Story

  • “In short, this program gave me a new life. Every part of my life has changed, from my eating and sleeping habits to the amount of productive each day I am! My forms of entertainment, value of time, self-respect and knowledge of my role in the community have been irrevocably and positively impacted”.

    Name withheld for safety
  • “I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the WOTM, a program created for us – women with full potential, trying to build a future. This is an amazing opportunity for us; we have a space to heal and grow as a person, to fulfil our dream as a processional, student or business woman and to be mothers. Thanks to programs like this, we learn we have a valuable voice. We are women with very powerful abilities that are hidden deep inside us and for many reasons wee have not discovered them until now. Thanks for helping us fulfil our ambitions, hopes and dreams and discover our potential”

    AlmaGroup 6

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