Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

February the 10th, 2018, saw the 9th group of participants graduate from the Women on the Move (WOTM) program! The graduation of these nine courageous and extraordinary women has provided them with the necessary confidence and leadership skills required to begin their healing journey.

Leah Lambrakis Bras, a director of The Bras Family Foundation, had the opportunity to attend the graduation and was left with the following sentiments:

“Thank you for inviting The Bras Family Foundation to the Women on the Move graduation. It is truly an event I try to attend each year. Witnessing the results of your program, hearing the stories and watching the smiles on these women’s faces is heart-warming and impactful. Community is the WOTH’s 2018 theme and it could not be more fitting, as you at the Redwood, and this graduating class, have created a community that is powerful.

The women’s stories are what sat with me the most: The words I heard were confidence, empowerment, goals, positivity, strength, family, pride, faith and courage. Thank you for allowing us to be witness to such a powerful program.”

Leah Lambrakis, Board Member